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The weather is starting to heat up, which is a good sign that now is the time to check a few maintenance items off the old to-do list to ensure that your car is ready for climbing temperatures. Our Mitsubishi service center is here to help you keep your car running smoothly year-round, so we invite you to reach out to us to learn more about how we can help you get the most out of your car as we get ready to leave the snow and cold in the rearview mirror.

Here are a few of the top warm-weather services that we have to offer:

Wheel Alignment

Your wheels can gradually fall out of alignment simply because you drive daily. However, potholes have a way of expediting the process. If you hit a pothole or two and noticed that your car stopped handling as smoothly or that it sported some unusual wear patterns, your wheel alignment might be off. Pothole recovery with a quick wheel alignment can have your car straightened out in no time.

Tire Pressure Adjustment

When the temperature outside fluctuates, your tire pressure changes with it. Warmer weather means that your tire pressure could increase, so we encourage you to check your tire pressure periodically and adjust as needed to keep it in line with recommended levels.

Tire Change Over

Have you been driving on winter tires to help you handle the ice and snow? Time to swap them out! Winter tires are soft and flexible, which makes them perfect for gaining traction on cold pavement. This softness also makes them wear out rapidly when the temperature outside starts to climb, so now is the time to switch them out for all-season or summer tires.

Air Filter Replacement

Driving around in warm weather usually means that you are much more likely to encounter dust and debris as you cruise around town. Replacing your car's cabin air filters and engine air filters helps to make your drive more comfortable and efficient.

Air Conditioning Repairs

Have you ever been in the middle of a summer road trip when your air conditioning gave up on you? If you've never experienced this, we can help you continue to avoid it. We can check your A/C for leaks and other issues to ensure that you stay cool.

Coolant Check

Coolant is a temperature regulator that helps to keep your engine from overheating. We can check your coolant levels and top it off as needed.

Ready to prep your car for warm weather? Give us a call here at our Mitsubishi service center today!