Keys To Success Program at Michaud Mitsubishi

Michaud Mitsubishi Keys to Success ProgramHere at Michaud Mitsubishi, we are proud to announce our incentive-based program for Danvers High School Students. This program is called the Keys to Success Program and provides administrators with another way to encourage academic success. Here's how the program works:

Through Danvers High School, students have the chance to qualify for a KeyCard which gives them access to a special gift from Michaud Mitsubishi. Danvers High School defines the exact qualifications, which may include the following:

  • A good GPA
  • An improvement in class attendance
  • Tutoring or other volunteer work
  • Involvement in performing arts
  • Participating in random acts of kindness

Teachers and administrators will nominate students they think they deserve to be honored throughout the school year.

During the last two months of school, the school administration, teachers, and counselors will assemble to choose 50 students from the pool of KeyCard recipients. These students will then randomly compete for a chance to win a free car at the Keys to Success year-end assembly.

Keep up the good work, Danvers High School students. The next person to drive away in a new car from Michaud Mitsubishi could be you!

2017 Keys to Success Winner



In 2017, the teachers selected more than 90 students to receive a KeyCard. Of the 90 students, freshmen cannot qualify for the car give-away due to their age. The remaining cards are placed into a drum and 50 are randomly chosen to participate. Everyone (including freshman) who gets a KeyCard, is awarded a gift card to Panini Pizza in Danvers, courtesy of the Michaud family.

I'm sure that you will agree that the "Key Off" is the most anticipated day of the year here at Danvers High School. Jacob Walker was so emotional that he couldn't stop crying when he won the car. All he wanted to do was call him mom and tell her the extraordinary news, and she wasn't picking up. He finally got through to her, and the emotion poured out from him again as he was explaining to his mother that he won a car! Jacob was given his card by Mr. John Norris, Special Educator, who wanted to acknowledge Jacob's hard work and increased grade point average in class.

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