Debadge Your Vehicle Using Something You Already Have

There are reasons why people debadge their cars. Some don't want to promote the brand while others don't want everyone to know which trim package they chose. Other people simply don't like the look of a badge. There are simple ways you can debadge your car.

Most badges are put on with adhesive. These are the easiest to remove. First, use steaming water kept hot in a thermos to loosen the adhesive behind the badging. Once the adhesive is loose, use a plastic wedge to pry the emblem off. Make sure it is plastic so you won't damage your vehicle. Then wash and wax the spot.

Some badges are clipped on and those require a professional to remove. We at Michaud Mitsubishi would be happy to help you debadge your vehicle or assist with any of your other automotive servicing. Be sure to stop by our dealership to keep your vehicle in top shape.



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