How to Keep Safety a Priority When Driving During the Wintertime

There's a surplus of risk factors that appear when the Massachusetts roads gain a coating of snow and ice. No matter what vehicle you're driving, there are extra precautions to take before commuting during the wintertime. At Michaud Mitsubishi, we want drivers to know how to prepare their car, truck or SUV to travel safety and stand up to freezing temperatures. To avoid an engine that won't start, an ice-coated windshield, or a winter-induced collision, here are a few tips to improve your winter safety.

  • Schedule a winter inspection at our service center where a technician can check important areas impacted by winter. You can book an appointment online.
  • Look into replacing your current windshield wipers with a more durable, winter brand. You can also do the same for your vehicle's tires to gain better traction on icy or snow-covered streets.
  • Replenish your vehicle's fluids, especially its engine antifreeze/coolant and wiper fluid. Also, make sure that you're always driving with at least a half tank of gas.
  • Have your battery and brakes tested and checked. Also, test the functionality of your winter defroster and heater to know that you'll be warm and able to see while you're driving.
  • Outside of being able to see through your windshield, you also need both your headlights and taillights in good working condition so other vehicles can see you through the winter fog.

Schedule your desired date and time to bring your vehicle into our Michaud Mitsubishi service center for a winter inspection today! When the time comes, drop it off, and our team of certified technicians will work their magic in checking and verifying that your method of transportation is in good shape to get you through the winter season in a safe manner. Being proactive with your vehicle is your best shot at making safety a priority through those chilly winter months!

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