At MICHAUD MITSUBISHI, Discover our Service Center!

Everyone at some point has had the unfortunate luck or either a fender bender, popped tire, busted transmission, or required regular maintenance. Our dealership's service center is here to answer any calls from an emergency, to just a quick stop in for a fix. With an expert staff of certified professionals, our auto center is here to ease any stresses with your vehicle.

It's our goal to preserve your Mitsubishi model in its best shape or bring your vehicle back to optimal performance. We want nothing more than to have your vehicle running like new, and in the best condition, it can be. We want your satisfaction and the trust to do what's best for your ride. No one knows Mitsubishi as we do.

What Sort of Repair do we Offer?

We can perform any fix your vehicle may require; routine maintenance is an essential cog in a healthy car. Whether its regular oil changes, rotating your tires, replacing fluids, or replacing damaged parts, a little repair now and then is great for your ride. By familiarizing yourself with your Mitsubishi manual, we can help optimize when you need to bring your vehicle in for a checkup. Once under our control, we pledge to provide an attention to detail that leaves you feeling thrilled with your experience.

From brake repair, alignment issues, electrical wiring, diagnostics, inspections, to battery issues, we are in your corner for the expert fixes.

Schedule Repair With Us

Issues that plague our vehicles are usually unexpected. Regardless, we are well equipped to deal with even the trickiest tasks. If you find yourself needing repair, make sure you schedule service with us using our easy online form, give us a call, or stop by our dealership.

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