Use Your Phone Safely with the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

For busy drivers in Danvers, it's crucial to stay connected at all times. When you're driving the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, you can continue to use your phone while you drive — all while staying safe. With its smart phone-linking features, this popular compact SUV helps you stay in touch.

Link your phone to the Eclipse Cross using the Apple CarPlay or Android Auto systems. These devices enable you to make calls, read texts, or even use certain apps, all using the SUV's built-in controls. That way, you never need to pick up your phone.

Have you ever wished your voice assistant could come into the car with you? In the Eclipse Cross, it can. Once your phone is connected, just use your phone's standard voice commands to operate it safely. See how this system makes driving safer by visiting us for a test drive at Michaud Mitsubishi.


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