Mitsubishi Mirage Safety Features

The all-new Mitsubishi Mirage is a sub-compact sedan that provides its drivers with comfort, safety, and convenience. We are proud to announce that this year’s Mirage received a perfect score on its crash test rating administrated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. We are excited to share all of the new features that the Mirage has to offer.

The all-new Mirage is a sub-compact sedan that comfortably seats 5 passengers. Although the vehicle is a smaller class, passengers of the Mirage can still enjoy a nice ride without feeling penalized. The Mirage comes standard with knee, front, side, and rear airbags. The vehicle also comes standard with child door locks and child seat anchors.

Some modern safety features also come standard with the Mirage. Drivers of the Mirage can expect to enjoy power locks, parking assist, hill assist, and LED headlights. The Mirage is a safe vehicle that is fun to drive.



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