Get Your Mitsubishi Serviced Before Winter Sets in

If there's one trait that defines a New Englander, it's our ability to thrive in even the harshest of winter conditions. Sure, the other three seasons are glorious here, but winter is the time that proves our mettle. The same thing goes with our automobiles, though they do need some help from us if we want them to survive the season. This is the perfect time to take care of preparing your car or SUV for the coming months.

We polled the factory-trained technicians in our Service Center, and these are their top tips for getting your Mitsubishi ready for winter weather:

  • Change your oil and make sure that all other essential fluids are filled. The last thing you want is old, sludge-filled oil trying to flow through your engine when temperatures are low. Make sure to also top off your antifreeze and wiper fluid levels on a regular basis, since you'll be using them far more often during the winter months.
  • Check your tires.You want to have plenty of tread, and you want to inflate them to the PSI level that's recommended (this info is often found on a sticker inside the driver's door). You may want to consider investing in mounting a set of snow tires on steel rims and then switching the sets out to match the season.
  • Test and examine the vehicle's lights. Make sure all lights are working properly, including the hazards. We get less daylight in winter, so proper illumination is even more important at this time of year.
  • Check the battery, all wiring and spark plugs. Cold weather can do damage to a failing battery, and winter is definitely not the season to get stranded. It's also essential to make sure that all your wires are connected properly, and that your spark plugs are firing properly.

We suggest that you let our experts make sure that your Mitsubishi is set for the coming season. Before you schedule an appointment at our Danvers Service Center, you might want to take a look at our service specials and see if you're able to take advantage of any deals we're offering. That always makes your drive from Lynn, Malden, Peabody, or Boston even more worthwhile!

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